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How we care for you

Your Initial Consultation

In your initial consultation this is where the chiropractor will take a deep dive into your health history to help determine if chiropractic care is beneficial for you and your case.

Report of Findings

Once we have collected all the information from your consultation our chiropractor will create a report of findings.

Starting Chiropractic

Your care plan is developed based on these findings with the overall goal of restoring and optimising spinal function to its optimal level.

Patient Testimonials

Everybody has a unique experience of chiropractic

Symptoms we often see in clinic...

Back Pain

Lower Back pain can be debilitating and persistent, and recurrent for some. It can happen anywhere along the spine or pelvis but commonly occurs in the lower back and can include the pelvis. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective method for back pain relief. Even if you have previously had back surgery, chiropractic care can help maximise and maintain your recovery.

Neck Pain

Neck pain (Cervical pain), is commonly caused by bad posture, poor ergonomics, poor sleeping patterns, awkward sitting positions, as well as wear and tear that may cause strains and sprains in the soft tissue of the neck. Neck pain is common but can easily be misdiagnosed. Episodes of pain in the neck can often be self-resolving, however it is important to diagnose and address the root cause of the problem if the symptoms persist or reoccur. The key to getting the right treatment is to establish which type of neck condition you may be suffering from. Chiropractors are highly trained to carry out a series of neurological and orthopaedic tests to diagnose the cause of neck pain and manage the conditions of the spine using a drug free and natural approach.

Slipped Disc

Your spinal column is made up of a series of bones (vertebrae) and they are cushioned by discs that protect the bones by absorbing shocks from day to day activities like walking, twisting and lifting. ‍Injury or weakness in the discs can cause the inner portion to herniate or bulge out through the outer layer. Pain and discomfort can result due to irritating substances that are released from this tear or when a fragment of the tear compresses a nearby nerve.
This is known as slipped, herniated, or prolapsed disc. Disc herniation has some similarities to degenerative disc disease because discs that herniate are often in an early stage of degeneration. ‍Many factors decrease the strength and resiliency of the disc and increase the risk of disc herniation. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, lack of regular exercise, and inadequate nutrition can contribute to poor disc health. Poor posture, daily wear and tear, injury or trauma, and incorrect lifting or twisting further stress the disc. Weakened disc coupled with further stresses make the disc more susceptible to herniation.

Poor Posture

Posture is the window to the spine. Poor posture is usually developed from your lifestyle and habits, and the way you stand or sit, especially when performing repetitive task. Long periods of sitting or standing, long-term sedentary lifestyle, inadequate exercise and stress may cause certain spinal joints to change/shift out of its neutral position. As we slouch when seated or hunch while standing, our bodies adapt and joints adopt a new position which the brain recognises as the ‘new normal’. Over time, the ligaments, muscles and joints change, setting further into this new position as normal, resulting in tension and discomfort along the spine. Individuals with postural changes are more susceptible to experiencing tightness, pain or restriction with time.


Research indicates upper cervical trauma as an underlying cause for many types of headaches, especially cervicogenic, migraine and tension headaches. Since so many nerves transmit through the cervical region, to and from the brain, trauma to the upper neck area usually results in problems in other parts of the body. If these vertebrae are displaced, chronic headaches can occur. Until and unless the neck injury is addressed, the symptoms persist. Studies have also shown that chiropractic care can help decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines. ‍Cervicogenic headaches originate from the cervical spine (neck) and are usually caused by problems with the nerves, bones, or muscles in your neck. This type of headache is usually caused by unnatural or sustained neck positions that can put pressure on the neck and base of the skull. A “pinched”/ compressed nerve in or near the neck may also trigger cervicogenic headache.

Sports Injuries

Almost any part of your body can be injured. Your body is prone to the same kinds of aches and pains, whether you are an amateur sports enthusiast or a professional. Repetitive stresses can have impact on the posture, proper movement of your vertebrae and joints, which in turn, can interfere with the healthy functioning of your muscles and nerves. Chiropractic treats some sports injuries depending on diagnosis. We often see patients with problems of the neck, shoulder, elbow, back, hip, knee and ankle, which may arise from sports injury.

General Aches & Pains

Chiropractic care has shown to be effective in treating general aches and pains arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck. This can include joints, muscles spasms, muscle cramps, frozen shoulder, shoulder or elbow pain, tennis elbow. Pregnancy could also cause general aches and pains including joint and back pain in which chiropractic care could help.

Overall Health & Wellbeing

Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system and their influence in the restoration and maintenance of health and optimal function. If your looking to improve your overall health and get the most out of your life, chiropractic is a natural, effective solution to achieve your health goals.

Symptoms we often see in clinic...

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Curious about what to expect on your first visit?

We'd love for you to watch our video on what to expect when you arrive in our clinic for your initial consultation. This can help answer any queries you may have, allows you to see the process you will go through in clinic, and gives you a bit more insight into how our clinics operate.

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Chiropractic FAQs

A chiropractor is a health care professional that has a holistic approach of the body, it is what we call a “first line health care provider” which means they have the ability to assess any kind of issues, either to diagnose and help you adapt to it, or refer to the appropriate health care provider. Chiropractor treatment aims to allow your nervous system to function at a more optimal level.

A chiropractor usually has knowledge in natural ways to live a healthier life, so they can often give advice on what kind of exercise is best for you, some nutrition advice, supplements, and again if it’s out of their scope they’ll refer you to the appropriate natural healing therapy if that’s your choice. 

Chiropractors are private healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat conditions related to the spine, joints, and nerves. The most common form of treatment is called chiropractic ‘adjustments’.
An adjustment is typically a “high velocity, low amplitude” force applied to a segment in order to trigger the receptors of the area to send information to the nervous system, this is the most common chiropractic technique.

Every chiropractor has their technique of choice, some are specialised in only 1 technique other have different techniques and tools they like to use according to what fits best the patient. Different chiropractors can have different styles of adjustment, some chiropractors will do “soft tissue work” which is what we know as muscle work (but it can be ligament or Fascias), some use tools like the “activator” or the “theragun”, and so much more.
Do not hesitate to ask your chiropractor what kind of technique they use, you can also talk about your preferences but keep in mind that your chiropractor will choose the modalities that best fits your needs.

See our conditions page for various conditions chiropractors can help with. If you have health concerns, experiencing pain or other symptoms chiropractic care is a great choice if you prefer a natural, long term approach to healthcare. Please contact our team if you wish to discuss what we can help with and our process.

There are similarities and differences between the professions of chiropractic and osteopathy including the way these healthcare professionals are trained, their studies, their philosophy and techniques used in clinic. Both have a holistic approach to health, where they look at the whole body functioning as one. Chiropractors tend to focus on the spine and nerves to discover the cause of your problems, giving input to the spine where it’s needed so communication between brain and body is optimal to allow the body to heal. Osteopaths tend to work more with soft tissue work, joint mobilisation. It varies between clinics and practices so talking directly to clinics is suggested.

Ultimately both healthcare professionals have the same goal in mind which is to help their patients achieve a healthy state of being.

Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession that aims to help patients experiencing pain, symptoms and discomfort and recover from injuries with the intention of finding the root cause of the problem, and where the pain started in the first place. This is a ‘long term health’ approach, opposed to a ‘bandaid’ or ‘plaster’ approach where just the symptoms are treated.

It is important to keep in mind chiropractic care is not a quick fix and all patients respond to care differently as no two bodies are the same. An Initial Consultation appointment will help patients understand how chiropractic can help them, once the chiropractor has had a thorough investigation into their concerns and health history.

Studies have shown that chiropractic care can significantly improve pain and symptoms of sciatica. Sciatica is a condition caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs from the lower back down the leg. Your chiropractor will not only treat the presenting symptoms of your concern, but dive deeper into why the symptoms are presenting in the first place. There can be many reasons why people experience sciatica.

Back pain unfortunately is one of the most common concerns we see in our clinic daily. We get incredible results with our patients who have had ‘backpain’ complaints. A thorough examination and assessment is needed to diagnose the concern properly so we can be sure of the problem and why it is there in the first place. If your presenting symptoms are linked to a spine or nervous system issues then chiropractic is appropriate.

Your body is an adaptive system that will change with its environment, the problem is not always where it seems to be. This is explained in the consultation throughout your assessments.

Chiropractors have an honorary doctor title, DC stands for Doctor of Chiropractic, mostly because of the length of time they study, the research that is done and the practice experience performed throughout the degree. It is important to recognise that Doctors of Chiropractic are not “medical doctors” or “GP’s”.

Something comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is often best for your first appointment as some physical examinations such as Range of motion, may be performed. For treatments, it is easy enough to adjust in any type of clothing, but again, comfortable clothing is suggested.

Chiropractors can help with sports injuries depending on diagnosis after the initial assessment. Chiropractors can also use specific techniques to help the healing process when injuries occur such as Graston technique, KT, and shockwave therapy.

Yes, chiropractors are a very safe and effective option for healthcare. Before any treatment a thorough assessment and examination will be performed to fully understand your body and the concerns you present with. If any adaptations to treatment in regards to techniques, or positioning are needed to make you more comfortable, then chiropractors are trained in various ways to meet your needs.

Lea Saintespes

Chiropractor, Shepards Bush

"Dc Lea started her journey in alternative and natural health remedies from a very young age because of repetitive injuries and low back pain from dance competitions. She became enamoured with holistic approach of chiropractic care, and decided to study in Madrid Chiropractic College. Now she enjoys the challenges of continuously learning new ways to help her patients as science advances. She was working in Spain and Andorra taking care of families, babies, pregnant women and athletes before she decided to discover the UK.

Dc Lea finds gratification in seeing her patients and their family's life-changing experience with chiropractic care and cherishes her role in their overall health. She has interests in Latin dance, yoga, nutrition and every aspect of personal growth outside of her profession. Lea speaks five languages and has travelled extensively which allow connection with diverse cultural backgrounds of patients.

Lea's mission is to help you level up every aspect of your health for you to express your full life potential."

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Christopher Pim

Chiropractor Birmingham

Hi, I am DC. Chris. My story with Chiropractic starts from when I was born. I was born into a large family of chiropractors. So having grown up hearing about Chiropractic constantly, it was only natural for me to want to pursue a career in Chiropractic.

From my young days as a child to now, I have always been a very healthy active individual whether it be swimming, skiing, skateboarding and even wakeboarding! I have always loved sport and looking after myself. Having regular Chiropractic care, I feel has kept me in check, enabling me to perform at my best in the sports that I love.

My parents were great advocates of preventative medicine. This I believe, is what Chiropractic does best. It gets to the root of the problem and provides patients with a solution.

Whilst studying at University, I got to familiarise myself with several techniques including diversified, Gonstead and SOT. I have also attended several Chiropractic seminars around Europe.

Callum Westlake


My name is Callum Westlake. I first discovered Chiropractic whilst working as a graduate Sports Therapist. After working closely with the chiropractor’s I became in awe of how effective and helpful Chiropractic can be. This awe led to curiosity where I embarked on the MSc course at AECC in Bournemouth. I learnt to look at the body as a whole and how maintenance of the spine allows the body to function at its best. Although I have made the move to Chiropractic, I am still passionate about sports, particularly team sports (all codes of rugby and football). My graduate Sports Therapy background has led me to intern at St Helens Rugby League as well as providing pitch-side care at Portsmouth RC academy.

At this clinic, my focus lies with improving and enhancing normal daily living for all patients. I produce personalised treatments matched to my patients needs, enabling them to resume their normal daily activities.

Steve Holloway

Steve Holloway

Hi My Name’s Steve & I’m a chiropractic Advocate!

I’ve been involved with chiropractic and chiropractors since meeting my wife 22 years ago.

My background in marketing and sales has given me a unique insight into chiropractic and how to explain its philosophy and benefits. Having experienced the life changing results of being a chiropractic patient has given me a deeper understanding of chiropractic and health in general.

Having worked with many chiropractors and as a co founder of the United Chiropractic Association I have in some small way contributed to the growth and stability of what I know is a vital part of today’s healthcare system bringing relief of symptoms and improved lifestyles to millions of people worldwide.

Working with the team at Chiropractic First has renewed my passion for chiropractic and sharing chiropractic vision and benefits to a wider audience.

I am immensely proud of the care we deliver and my main focus is delivering a level of service and experience to everyone who seeks our help.
BJ Palmer once said ‘”you never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow” my aim and my aim for Chiropractic First is to embody this statement and make it a reality.

I look forward to meeting you all in practice and helping you achieve your health goals.

Kelly Jeffrey

Kelly Jeffrey

I’m Kelly, Operations Manager at Chiropractic First. I was born and raised in Greater Manchester but have spent the past few years travelling the world before returning home to be near family and friends.

I have a background in Beauty Therapy and have a passion for natural care and wellbeing. I enjoy being part of the chiropractic first team due to the caring environment that I am lucky to work in.

There is always something new and exciting to learn regarding chiropractic care, it’s wonderful being part of a patient’s journeys to recovery, seeing them lead healthier and happier lifestyles. I always make time to spend with and listen to patients, which I love. Patient care is so important to me which is why I always leave work happy, and with a smile on my face.

Léa Saintespes

Chiropractor Chelsea

Hello, I’m DC. Léa Saintespes, French woman that grew up around Europe, moved around a lot, studied chiropractic in Madrid- RCU-MCC, and have now settled in London.

My first contact with chiropractic was at a very early age, after many ankle injuries and Low Back Pain due to dance competitions. Similar to a lot of young kids doing high level sports I was mislead to think it was normal until I met my chiropractor. That’s when I started to become more aware of what natural health means and felt in love with the holistic approach. Naturally I wanted to be part of the solution.

What I like most about my occupation is when my patients realise how life changing chiropractic care is on so many levels. I also enjoy the constant learning side of chiropractic and being a part of my patient’s wellbeing.

A bit about myself, I’m interested in Latin dance, yoga and self growth. I speak 5 languages, and enjoy using my linguistic skills to connect with patients from all over the world, something I find especially rewarding living in London.

If this resonate with you, my team and I will be pleased to accompany you on your path towards optimal health!

Luis Vilches

Chiropractor Barcelona

Hi, my name is Luis and I am a chiropractor. My first encounter with chiropractic was at young age practicing sports I injured my back, I went to a chiropractor, he adjusted me, and my symptoms were gone by the second appointment, but the most important thing, he taught me the importance of a well-adjusted spine, and he shifted my health paradigm. After that, I wanted to be able to help people like that doctor helped me.

I graduated form UNEVE (Mexico´s College of Chiropractic) in 2010 and after that I did Chiropractic Rehabilitation in Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Since then, my purpose is to help people to achieve their maximum potential of health.

I am very excited to be part of the family of Chiropractic First Barcelona.

Hola soy Luis y soy quiropráctico. Mi primer encuentro con la quiropráctica fue cuando, siendo muy joven me lastimé la columna practicando deporte, acudí a un quiropráctico, el me ajustó y el síntoma desapareció en dos sesiones, pero lo más importante es que él me habló de la importancia de una columna libre de subluxaciones, y cambió mi paradigma de salud. Después de eso, quise poder ayudar a los demás como ese doctor me ayudó a mí.

Me gradué de la UNEVE (Universidad de Quiropráctica en México) en 2010 y después hice una especialidad en rehabilitación de columna en Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Y desde entonces mi propósito ha sido poder ayudar a la gente a alcanzar su mayor potencial de salud.

Estoy emocionado de formar parte de la familia de Chiropractic First Barcelona.

Imran Shah

Chiropractor Birmingham

My journey to chiropractic began after being a keen tennis and cricket player where I noticed injuries affecting my level of performance. These were diagnosed as “growing pains” at the time and only after a visit to a chiropractor that I realised my problems were actually related to my spine and he looked at things bio mechanically rather than just trying to ‘fix’ the symptoms.

Not only was I able to return to a high level of performance (representing myUniversity at tennis) but it made me realise how powerful the chiropractic adjustment can be in helping my nervous system function efficiently. I went on to study a four year master’s degree at the Wesh Insititute of Chiropractic (WIOC) in South Wales after initially completing my biomedical material scienceBMedSc (Hons) at the University of Birmingham. Following graduation, I have gained experience working with professional athletes in an acute Sports injury clinic in a multidisciplinary team consisting of (Osteopath, physiotherapist and podiatrist). I then went on to specialise in Chiropractic care which taught me the importance of prevention and maintaining optimum health.

I have also done locum work in London which has helped me treat a wide variety of muscular skeletal conditions. I am a registered member of the GCC (General chiropractic council) and the British Chiropractic Association (BCA). I have recently spent time observing a clinic in Dubai and in Singapore working under theChiropractic First Group witnessing some of the great results they have working with families and people of all ages.

My personal interests include playing tennis regularly and competing in the Warwickshire leagues for my club, functional rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning and giving my patients nutritional advice where necessary

Richard Mackinnon

Chiropractor Chester

I pride myself on being someone who has a natural rapport with patients and works cooperatively to identify and address impediments to personal growth and health.

Having been rehabilitated through chiropractic care I am passionate about the excellent benefits and health care I can provide my patients. I’m dedicated to finding natural approaches to correct postural management, spinal degeneration, stress reduction and optimal health function of the entire body.

‍Originally from NewZealand I have lived in London many years. This has provided me with the opportunity to travel extensively and experience new cultures which is something I am passionate about. I am a keen sports fan and enjoy helping those that want to improve their strength & conditioning for competition or recreation.

Morris Kahere

Chiropractor Leeds

I’m Morris Kahere, a Chiropractic graduate from the Durban University of Technology class of 2017. I started being actively involved in Sports Chiropractic when I was a second year Chiropractic student in 2012, working with Jaguars Rugby Club as the assistant team Chiropractor. This is when my passion for Chiropractic was ignited. In 2015, I became the team Chiropractor for the Durban University of Technology Women Football. From 2016 I was taken up by the University of KwaZulu-Natal Sports Science Department where I was the Resident Chiropractor for their Football teams (men and women). I travelled across the country with the teams for their USSA and Varsity Tournaments. When I qualified in 2017, I went on to open my own private practice in a South African third-world community called Umlazi, where no one knew about Chiropractic. I became actively involved in community events raising the awareness about Chiropractic, offering free Spinal Assessments, Health Education and Promotion. In 2019, I decided to be adventurous and joined the World Voyage Cruise Ship, Queen Mary 2, where I was working the onboard Chiropractor while travelling the World. On the flipside of the story, I am an active researcher with a few publications in peer view journals. My main research areas are Epidemiology and Health Economics of Neuromusculoskeletal Diseases.

Booking Policy

Once you have submitted your details through the form, a member of our team will be in touch to confirm your booking. Upon confirming your booking you will be required to pay a 50% deposit of the £60 consultation fee, which accounts to £30.

In the event you need to cancel your appointment, we kindly request you notify the clinic no later than 24 hours before your appointment, to ensure a full refund of the deposit. Any cancellations that occur within 24 hours of an appointment will not receive a refund of the deposit.

This policy has been put in place to ensure patients attend their bookings and, in the event that they wish to cancel their appointment, notify our clinics ahead of time so that we can allow time for clients on our waiting list to be contacted.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us.

Michael Bates

Chiropractor Leeds

My passion for chiropractic evolved through both my sporting activity and the long-standing drive to help others. Through my love of the outdoors and playing sport, I have always been interested in exercise and healthy eating. However, following a significant injury from a skiing accident, I came to realise there was something missing from my health equation. I could no longer perform to the best of my ability, and I would regularly experience episodes of pain. I could not understand why my body could not heal itself. I was told at 18 years old that I should stop playing sport and skiing.

Chiropractic allowed me to return to full contact sport and to ski better than ever! I felt fitter, faster and stronger. I experienced far fewer injuries, and if I did sustain an injury my body would heal itself in a much shorter time span. I realised that if an 18-year-old could be told to stop doing the things they loved at such a young age, imagine what people in their later years were being told.

So, my drive became to help people of all ages to get to their best, and stay at their best for the rest of their lives. In my spare time I try to ski as regularly as possible, and have recently taken up rock climbing. I also enjoy travelling and sampling different cultures from around the world.

Ai-Chen Tseng

Chiropractor Birmingham

Hey! My name is Ai-Chen, originally from Taiwan; and I graduated from McTimoney College of Chiropractic. Let me give you a brief introduction about my chiropractic journey.

Actually, I never heard of “chiropractic” before I came to the UK! I was studying Business Administration in Taiwan; however, throughout the first year, I can’t foresee myself working in this profession because I was not passionate about what I learned. Then, I started to explore my interest.

I first heard of “chiropractic” from my auntie, who found chiropractic care really beneficial and served for good purposes. She suggested I observe her chiropractor finding out more about this delightful profession. I was impressed to see how the spine is related to our body function and all positive responses from the patients.

After that, I took my chance to come to the UK to learn more about chiropractic. Throughout the study, I have met good friends and seniors, sharing and discussing techniques. It was inspiring to understand that we can do so much more as chiropractors to help everyone to improve their quality of life.

I would be immensely proud to say that “Being a chiropractor means you never stop learning!”. I want all my patients to be happy, being able to perform activities they struggled before and to be a lifelong healthy wellbeing.

Joel Mariner

Chiropractor Chelsea

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to chiropractic from a young age. As an active child who would get stuck into any sport I could, I felt that the lower back pain I was experiencing was not right for a young, healthy person and there must be something that could be done about it. So my parents took me to see a chiropractor. Not only did I find that the pain subsided with chiropractic care, but I was feeling stronger and able to perform at a higher level in my sports. This experience fuelled a curiosity about how the body works which led me to study chiropractic at AECC in Bournemouth where I learnt to look at the body as a whole and how maintenance of the spine allows it to function at its best.

In my spare time I am a keen rugby player and a fan of many sports. I also love cooking and finding new cuisines for culinary inspiration.

As a chiropractor my objective is to be detailed and specific so that each patient can achieve their personal goals, allowing them to see ho their health can positively influence their lives.

Andrea Fois

Chiropractor Shepherd’s Bush

My passion for chiropractic was born by chance. It was through my uncles that I met their chiropractor (who later became mine) at a time in my life when I needed to make some changes. After attending just one session I was intrigued and fascinated and began to learn more about the profession.

My passion and constant desire to help others had always brought me closer to medicine, but I realised that chiropractic focused on the true well-being of the human being, increasing the body’s self-healing abilities without the use of any medication. I graduated from the Madrid College of Chiropractic and from the very beginning I had the opportunity to work alongside my chiropractor and learn so much from his valuable advices.

After my studies I have done various seminars and training courses, which are essential to give my patients the care they require.

I am a playful and empathetic person but meticulous in my work. I like to continuously update and improve my knowledge and what motivates and rewards me in my work is achieving the goals of improving the health of my patients and having the honour of being part of that healing journey with them.

Jean-Patrick Brochand

Osteomyologist Manchester

I am Jean-Patrick Brochand, I am 29 years old and grew up in up in Lyon, in the South of France. I practice in the UK as an Osteomyologist whilst I got through the registration process with the General Chiropractic Council. I studied Chiropractic in Paris and Madrid where I graduated after 5 years of study.

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Before we can properly treat you, one of our expert Chiropractors will assess the severity of your symptoms in order to formulate the best treatment plan. The initial consultation will cost £60.

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David Bates

David Bates

It was from a young age that I was first exposed to the chiropractic profession. This was down to my older brother having struggled with persistent back and hip issues that were non-responsive to mainstream medical care. After observing and receiving adjustments myself, my mind was set on one day becoming a chiropractor. I found it fascinating that the human body had an inbuilt intelligence to heal and self regulate without needing to resort to drugs or surgery.

A few years later after leaving school, I enrolled at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in Bournemouth and set out on a five year masters degree in Chiropractic. During these years and especially after graduating, I continued to attend seminars to further my understanding of the human body and how chiropractic care plays a key role in optimising our health no matter how old we are. I believe that my ability to further help each and every individual is a never-ending learning process, which is why I attend weekly conference calls with Dr Stephen Franson, who has a wealth of experience in our field. I am a registered member of the General Chiropractic Council(GCC) and the United Chiropractic Association (UCA).‍

After spending a number of years gaining valuable experience working in clinics in the UK, I had an opportunity to work in Singapore and South East Asia with a company called Chiropractic First. Following a very successful two year period in Asia, the time was right to move back to Manchester after the birth of my son. The idea was then born to bring the success of Chiropractic First to the UK. Away from Chiropractic First my time is spent with my family, as well watching Formula 1 or Football when time allows.